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15 Copley Road, Upper Swan, Western Australia

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Handcrafted unique Jarrah, Marri and Sheoak furniture made in Western Australia's Swan Valley.

Dave Burke creates beautiful, unique furniture pieces tailored to his clients' needs. From bedroom suites, to dining, to office furniture and more. If you are looking for a one-off piece of jarrah, marri or sheoak furniture for your home or office please get in touch and pay us a visit. Phone : 08 9296 0728

We predominantly work with 3 main types of wood at Celtic Swan Furniture: Jarrah, Marri and Sheoak. However if there is a particular type of wood you would like us to create a custom piece out of, we are happy to source it for you.

Jarrah, or Eucalyptus Marginata, is a stunning hardwood found in the southwest of Western Australia. Unique to our part of the world Jarrah is a beautiful rich mahogany colour and creates a stunning piece of furniture.

Marri, or Eucalyptus Calophylla, is also native to Western Australia and produces a gorgeous honey toned piece of furniture with flecks of black running through it. Marri furniture is becoming increasingly more popular as is the use of Marri and Jarrah together with the two woods really complimenting each other.

Sheoak is another beautiful timber, found across Australia and one we use in creating a number of our furniture pieces at Celtic Swan Furniture. It is a gorgeous golden colour and again a popular choice for many of our clients.

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15 Copley Road, Upper Swan, Western Australia

ABN : 98 351 969 711

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